Vapourium E-liquids

Vapourium E-liquids

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Made in New Zealand's first clean room for eliquid manufacture, it's a first-rate, class 8 ISO 14644:1 14644:3 facility. We use only pharmaceutical or food grade ingredients from trusted suppliers. Our core range of eliquids is made with organic, non-palm derived, vegetable glycerin. All of our eliquids are made with ingredients that are diacetyl free.



Australia and New Zealand have always shared interests, banter and sometimes bitter rivalry. We also share at the moment, a growing love of all good things vape. The flavour we have made celebrates this connection, by recreating the buttery oat biscuit with a hint of coconut, that is the anzac biscuit. It's as close as you can come to tasting Mum's Anzac biscuits without baking.


Cherry Cola

Our delicious cherry cola e liquid is available in a variety of sizes and strengths and is perfect for those vape enthusiasts who enjoy the taste and fizz of soft drinks.


Dense custard, creams and strawberry. Perfect for huge clouds.

Deez Melons

Forget about how Dem Apples are, Vapourium brings you Deez Melons. It is a light, fruity, watermelon flavour with a deeply tropical soul. Carrying this flavour also allows for the interjection of a plethora of inappropriate references and jokes, please use them with discretion.

Eve's Apple

Tart crisp apple with a maple and caramel finish.


Hasseltoff, the flavour too hoff to scoff at.

It is a buttery english toffee caramel flavour.



This nutty eliquid is sweetened with caramel giving it a delicious finish that is reminiscent of a nice caramel slice with a crushed hazelnut topping.


Jamaican Rum

Royal port, rum and wine. (60vg/40pg)



A combination or mango and guava balanced to perfection.

This a is sweet fruity juice perfect for those sunny days outside. Manguava has become a solid favourite among many of our customers, definitely not one to be missed.



A rainbow sherbet flavour with a hint of citrus.


A long bottom leaf blend with vanilla cinnamon overtones.

RY4 is the 4th in series of flavours the original vape makers invented to mimic the taste of a fine cuban. Progressively getting more mellow and sweeter as the number gets bigger RY4 became a staple favourite in the vape world. This is also a great flavour to mix with other eliquid to create your favourite vape cocktail

Sansa’s Lemoncake
Once there was a babe called Sansa, Sansa loved lemon cakes. As babin' as she was though she was a tad whiny compared to the rest of her bad-ass family.

Sansa doesn't get to eat lemon cake anymore because winter is here and there are no lemons growing in winter . So in her honour we have made a lemon cake flavour. How does it taste? Just like Sansa's lemon cake, use your imagination.

Shalin’s Milk
A strawberry-cream take on mothers milk without the vanilla custard.

A delicious sweet, milky flavour with a tiny dash of strawberry to give it some pop. Try this juice if you want to try something that's still sweet but with a more creamy feel to it.


Stoned Fruits

Central Otago fruits.

Ever been driving through Central Otago during February? Then you'd know how abundant nectarines, apricots, and peaches are during that time. Stoned Fruits embodies this flavour to a tee. The nectarine comes through strongly in this eliquid while apricot and peach provides added tart/sweetness. The name may bring back nostalgia for those who have picked fruit in Cromwell over the summer.


Vanilla Beanie

All the vanilla flavours, French ice cream and more.

Vanilla Beanie has ample vanilla-ness overlaid on top of a cake base. It's a delicious vape that produces big clouds and smooth enough to vape all day without getting flavour fatigue.


Waffle On

Yummy waffles. Caramelised cakey waffle with a subtle hint of butter.

Yeah Nah Nah

A strawberry banana match made in heaven.