Ripe Vapes Nic Salts

  • $35.00


This sophisticated flavour is sure to leave you desiring more. Sweet and sexy vanilla custard up front, with a rich finish of tobacco.

Flavour Profile: Vanilla, Custard, Tobacco


Summer Vibes

A tropical blend of fresh strawberry, creamy coconut, and ripe banana with a hint of lime! Reminiscent of sipping a Lava flow cocktail on a tropical beach.


Flavour Profile: Strawberry, Coconut, Banana, Lime


San Jaun

Everything you want and crave from a finely crafted cigar now available to you all day. Set sail and taste the Caribbean.


Flavour Profile: Cigar Tobacco


Watermelon Granita

A foodie’s favourite version of shaved ice. Sweet, delicious watermelon with a delightful cooling finish.


Flavour Profile: Watermelon Shaved Ice


Saltwater Taffy

Enjoy this mouthwatering blend of delicious apple taffy. We assure you it tastes just as good as it sounds.


Flavour Profile: Apple Taffy Candy


Key Lime Cookie

This inspired Joose has wonderful sweet/tart notes of key lime, commingled with the flavour of warm baked cookies. Uniquely crafted for everyone to enjoy.


Flavour Profile: Key Lime, Cookies


Designed for low wattage/high resistance vapour devices.