Armada Vapour

  • $17.00

Red Raspberry Rapids

Our take on a traditional raspberry flavour, mixed with just a touch of candied raspberry. Juicy and syrupy, this flavour is bound to hit the spot if you’re looking for a tart, sweet, all day vape.

Blue Raspberry Rapids

This flavour tastes like Blue. Its bright and bold, and our sweetest flavour yet. It has gone through extensive testing so that it achieves this without destroying your coils. A vibrant candy flavour, backed up with some cotton candy to really suit that sweet tooth craving.

Pink Parrot

A cold glass of pink lemonade. Tastes just like the homemade stuff.


Manta Ray Menthol Pure Menthol

Refreshing slices of Cucumber and Watermelon, blended up and served over ice with a menthol kick.


Pure Menthol

Refreshing cool blast of a true pure menthol.


Grape White Shark

Grape soda with some grape squishy candies mixed in. Sweet, full, and our ideal between a candied and true grape flavour


Bubble Barnacle

Chewy, sweet, pink bubblegum. Taste the texture.


Pirates Pipe

We’ve taken all of our favourite parts of tobacco flavours and blended it into one.


Pirates Pipe Menthol

We’ve taken all of our favourite parts of tobacco flavours plus menthol and blended it into one.