Theory 60ml

Theory 60ml

  • $25.00

Cell - Keylime cupcake with a strawberry filling

Catastrophism - Peaches and cream with a surprising twist

Relativity - Nectarine, pomegranite and honeysuckle

String - A berry crunch milkshake

Practice - Rainbow Sherbet

Chaos - A mashup of your favourite cereals

Conspiracy - Cinnamon sugar cookie dipped in cake batter

Genesis - An American spiced pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

Evolution - A rich, sharp key-lime cheesecake topped of with delicate whipped cream

Singularity - A fresh cream donut wrapped in a crispy cannoli shell, thrown in a black hole and bottled at the other end

Symmetry - Apple and cranberry parfait encrusted with crushed granola and drizzled with a sweet berry compote